Hi, I'm

Mauricio Guimaraes

UX Designer and UI Artist based in Montreal, focused on video games and interactive products.

This is my portfolio.


UX and UI design

By creating prototypes, wireframes, flow charts, high-fidelity mock-ups and style guides for such a complex project, I contributed to the successful launch on the Uplay console (PS4 and Xbox One) and mobile apps.

UI design

In this project I was the solo UI designer in the team. I created all visual solutions for phones and tablets, Android and iOS, landscape and portrait for the entire app.

Wireframes and Flows

Because it was such a complex project, having an exhaustive documentation felt necessary. By creating wireframes and flow charts, I contributed to the flawless implementation of the designs on the final product.

Best practices and Guidance

I also introduced to the team some new effective tools to promote a smooth development. The style guides proved being essential to the successful implementation and contributed to significantly reducing the development time.

Monopoly Bingo

UX Design

I worked closely with the senior game designer and stakeholders, discussing and influencing the game direction in regards of UX, gameplay, game features, flows and artistic direction.

I created complex playable UX prototypes to test game features, UI, and navigation, which ultimately helped shaping the gameplay and general look and feel.

Inception and Concepts

By creating early studies, illustrations, mid-fidelity mock-ups and wireframes, I helped envisioning what the game could be. My work was crucial during this game pitch, and helped it being greenlit.

The Prototype

Along with user testing sessions, wireframes and concept art, I had the pleasure to work on a prototype that proved being essential to this game successful launch.

Check a live demo of the prototype here.

Codename Narwal

UI Design, Concept Art and Illustration

Being the only UI-centered artist in the team, I was in charge of delivering all UI-related material for this unreleased game.

UI Design

For this game I created all aspects of UI, including:

  • Menus and buttons.
  • Flow charts and general navigation.
  • Animations and visual effects.
  • HUD.

Card design

Because the game had a strong collectible cards component, I was also responsible on creating the solution for cards layout and art.

Maps and Tiles

Added to all this, I also created a tiled isometric map system that was integrated in Unity, providing a simple yet versatile solution to the map rendering in-game.

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